Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Miraculous Mother Mary Castle


            If your planning to make a perfect family gate-away a blessed Sunday family bonding. I want to share you my experience last Sunday July 16, 2017. My mother plan to go to the miraculous mother Mary Castle know as "SIMALA" somewhere in Cebu South area its just about 3hrs of travel from the main City of Cebu. But if  you have a private vehicle its better for you to take the South Road Properties (SRP) to eliminate the traffic. And if you don't have, take a buss at the South Buss Terminal and tell the buss conductor to drop at Sibonga. Then grab a motor cycle to take the way to the castle. 


You should depart from the city around 9am so that you can attend the 12noon Mass. There you can witness the stunning beauty of the surrounding and also the architectural design of the castle. 

See you On My next Travel. :)